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Generic Viagra Will Lift Too

Viagra’s success story in combating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is well known. It has provided relief to millions of men around the world.

Even some women have an affliction to the drug as it treats their partners directly and provides sexual satisfaction to them as well.

Pfizer has been making a rich haul marketing Viagra. This global success forced other pharmaceutical companies to make Generic Viagra. This is essentially the same compound, Sildenafil citrate, but marketed under different names, most sounding similar to Viagra.

Some of the popular Generic Viagra alternatives are Kamagra, Caverta and Penagra. These generics are cheaper and provide the same relief as Viagra. This brings the much needed respite to men who found Viagra on the dearer side.

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is caused by the inability to get and sustain an erection required for sexual intercourse. Sildenafil citrate has unique properties whereby it selectively targets penile region and relaxes the muscle tissue and arteries. During sexual stimulus there is a rush of blood into the relaxed penile arteries causing them to swell and produce an erection.

Such artificially induced erection has quality and adequately provides means for the male to engage in sexual activity. Normally Generic Viagra would begin to show its effect in about 30 minutes from the time of consumption and this good effect will last for more than 24 hours. During this period external sexual stimulus would cause the penis to become erect. The user’s partner’s role become important and more the foreplay, more the pleasure afterwards.

Generic Viagra is a potent anti-ED drug and must be used under qualified medical supervision. It will treat ED and may have to be used long term if the condition demands. Before beginning on a course using Generic Viagra, consult your doctor and discuss in detail your medical past and current physical history. These will determine the dose and duration of the treatment using Generic Viagra.

If you are over 65 years or suffer from enigma problem, be cautious in your use. Generic Viagra may have some side effects which generally go away with time. But if any symptom bothers you, bring it to the notice of your doctor and get proper medical treatment. You may have to discontinue the drug during this period.

Generic Viagra is for adult men only.

There have been reports of Generic Viagra abuse for enhancing sexual pleasure. This is not advisable as such uses are accompanied with alcohol and drugs and may cause some serious damage to the user.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment using Generic Viagra will also include counseling to make you ready to accept the condition and its effects. This is an important aspect of the treatment and must not be ignored.

Use generic Viagra to bring back those lost moments.

Protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases.

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